Author Topic: measuring chest for compression vest ?  (Read 2366 times)

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Ok guys,

I'm off to to have surgery in poland soon but need to measure the range of my chest.

which is the best way to do this? also can i do this with a standard tape measure?

Sorry for asking such a silly question but i have never done this before :(

Thanks in advance!

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hey karl.....nearly for got its not long for you now is it....

they didnt ask for any measurements from me at all when i got there there already had a couple of vests in but both didnt fit so they just made a call and it was there for me the next day.....but if they have asked you to email them this info then measure around your chest in inches.....let me know how you get on mate...all the best ;D

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its from nipple to nipple
losing my moobs was almost as painless as losing my sanity


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