Author Topic: Gynecomastia advice needed please  (Read 1214 times)

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I am 17 year old boy who has suffered gyno since I was 10 but I did not knew, it was just strange to see the other guys with normal chest. I thought it was just fat so I started working out when I was 13, my muscle did grew, but there was that boring 'breast' hanging. A few months ago I discovered what gynecomastia was, I feel the 'rubber' tissue when I am warm and the nipple gets really puffy, when I'm cold though my chest looks better. I would like to know your advice and what would you guys do in my position? a doctor's advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,

PS: I am a very active young man and I can even move my chest muscles ;D. I had trouble posting this because of pics I hope i did not reposted it.


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I'm sorry to say, but as long as you've had them you will need to have surgery to get rid of those breast!

You should talk to your parents about how you feel about them and look  for a good plastic surgeon that specializes in gynecomastia surgery to make sure you get a good outcome.

We are all here on the forum for the same reason, we all have gyne to some extent! I'm one of the older guys. I'm 56 and have had it all my life and have learn to live with it, but there is good surgery now if you want to get surgery, so welcome to the forum and good luck!



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