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hey, ive had gynecomastia for a several years now, since i was around 13 or so, im now 20, most of my doctors have always assured me it would "run its course" which bassically sounds like BS from what ive read, anyway, lately my chest has become tender every once in a while and even discharging a very small about of clear liquid when squeezed, ive been doing a little research but was wondering if any of you folks have had or heard of similar expiriences. it seems through my research that cancer could be a possibility, i suppose i should prolly go get it checked out, just wondering if any of you have heard of anything like this, thanks

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Seriously doubt it is cancer.  It is extremely rare.  You should talk to your doctor, and then see an endo.  Your hormones could be causing your recent problem.

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ya man my buddys chest os COMPLETELY flat and he does that all the time so u probly just have what we have and have what he has lol id suggest u get in to see a PS

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same.  it's natural to freak and think it's cancer, that's part of what scared me into silence, i thought i was lucky my "cancer" went into remission. 
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