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Its been 1 month since I got my gynecomastia surgery done. Post 1 month, my chest is not flat. I have been wearing compression garment from Day 1. I need to know a) whether it is swelling, tissue or fat. b) Whether I will be able to get a flat chest or not. c) How much time should I wait to see the final results. I am a lot concerned about my situation.

Pic 1910835 is pre operation pic and the other one is post operation pic, which was taken after 1 month.

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I see what you are concerned about.  There is some improvement but honestly, at one month, I would have expected more improvement.  You are still early in the healing process and may still be swollen. There is nothing that can be done anyhow for a number of months.  In the meantime, perhaps you could wear a snug compression garment to try to minimize any swelling.

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I would agree with Dr. Jacobs, that you still look fuller than ideal.  This may be swelling still, so additional time would be recommended in any case. I'm also a fan of compression and local massage, both of which would help if this is mostly an issue of swelling.  
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While there is some improvement post-operatively, like the other doctors, I also would have expected you to have a flatter chest. I'm sure you still have some swelling, but it doesn't appear that is the primary issue for the fullness you are seeing. I believe there is still residual fat and/or breast tissue which is causing the bulk of the problem. Continue to wear your compression garment and monitor your progress over the next month. At 6 months, if your chest hasn't improved much and you are unhappy with the result, discuss a revision surgery w/ your doctor.
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I agree with all of the other responses. Hang in there and follow your surgeon's instructions.
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I think most likely there is swelling ,breast tissue and fat present. at one month even if you were to re-operate it is best to allow the area to mature a bit. Typically I prefer to allow 4 to 6 months for local tissue  maturation and in some cases even longer.
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