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Hello doctors
Its been 15 days post surgery for me, ive had both
Lipo and gland excision done.
Today morning i had the dressing removed and i noticed
My nipples had shrunk slightly, but now by afternoon
When i look at my nipples they are flat again.
Is this normal?
And does the final appearance of the nipple post surgery
Has to Remain shrunk? Should it not get rid of that puffined completely?
And also does alchohol consumption affect the healing process?
Please reply!

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The appearance of the nipple will change in the post-op period, just as it does pre-operatively with contraction and relaxation of the small muscles in the nipple-areola to stimuli such as heat and cold or other stimulation. So the appearance is not constant, and at 15 days, there is also swelling, perhaps some bruising, and other factors that might obscure a final result at this time.  Excessive alcohol consumption is not a good idea for many reasons, but a small amount of alcohol should not adversely impact your outcome.  Speak with your surgeon.

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It takes some time for the tissues to heal after surgery.Two weeks is minimal regarding the healing.Swelling and bruising will improve but sensation and wound strength have had minimal change at this point.
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