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Hello. I stumbled on this forum a few days ago. I've always struggled with this issue but it got worse after using steroids as a young person. Add to that I've been on Duasteride for hair loss for the past 5ish years and I feel it got worse. To make it even worse I was born with a birth defect called pectus excavatum, pretty much a caved in chest which I had to have operated on when I was four years old. 

Between whats left of that problem and the fact that my rib cage pokes out, another side effect of the condition, it makes it look even worse and I feel even surgery wont help. After taking these pictures I realized gyno was also causing me to slightly hunch over, as this hides it when wearing shirts. No doubt contributing to my upper back/lower neck problems. I know I am out of shape, and just started exercising again for the first time since covid. I hope that will at least help with my self image problems, if not burn some of the fat in my chest and stomach. I do feel glands behind my nipples but a lot of it is fat. I am aiming to lose about 15 pounds. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I am otherwise a healthy 36 year old. Will getting in better shape help at all? Lately I have been having discomfort in that area so I have stopped the duasteride and planning to see an endocrinologist.


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Noticable but not horrible. The slouching stance will make the overhang more apparent standing straight will likely reduce that quite a bit 

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Welcome and congratulations on breaking your silence on the site.
I agree with Dude about posture but would add that improved posture probably might increase frontal projection. I have come to think that stooping is a instinctive way of hiding your assets. Your boobs are definitely female in shape. If you have discomfort a bra would almost definitely give relief.

As to weight loss, you can lose fat from  the breast but not as much as elsewhere, again breasts are likely to appear more prominent. As for actual glandular tissue, from reading and personal experience, is that you have got what you have got. (Women's breast do not disappear if they diet)
Ceasing hormones, hormone analogues or anything such as soya in the diet might stabilise the size but is highly unlikely to reverse any growth that has happened up until now. 
I think response from others is likely to affirm that going forward any real change in breast size is almost certainly going to be an increase.
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If I may suggest, you might benefit from a lightweight sports bra. It would hold your boobs up and flatten them to the point where they would not be as prominent. They work well for me. Best of luck.

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From Lbrown:
"If I may suggest, you might benefit from a lightweight sports bra. It would hold your boobs up and flatten them to the point where they would not be as prominent. They work well for me. Best of luck."

That would also likely help you with the posture problem.

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In my opinion ordinary male chest.

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You definitely have gynecomastia, most likely due to the steroid use you acknowledged in your post. You have a definite inframammary fold (IMF) on each side,  and your breasts hang slightly over the folds.
And you are not overweight IMO.  Losing weight will not solve this situation; you are a good candidate for surgery. Hope this helps.

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I agree you would benefit from wearing a bra


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