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Hi its alexii 
i’m 24 This is my boobs I have overweight also is it gyno or no?

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It looks like gynecomastia but I'm not an expert. You obviously already wear an underwire bra, judging by the marks on your skin. What made you start doing that? Was it due to pain or irritation or sensitive nipples?
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Hi Alexii,
in my opinion it is gynecomastia. Overweight does not exclude gynecomastia, often it is a mixed form of fat and glandular tissue. I think that an expert can affirm this.
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I would definitely say gyno.

I see by the bra strap marks that you have already been wearing bras and must find that the support is preferred. I would agree that that is a good idea based on the development of your breasts.
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I also believe that you  have gynecomastia, translation: female breasts. I think that you should get a referral from your doctor to a breast care center. There, you can have an ultrasound and or a mammogram which will give you a diagnosis of exactly  what  you  are dealing with. 

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Significant gynecomastia. You definitely need support for your full and heavy female breasts 


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