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Can getting a kenalog injection for scar tissue post surgery make a visible difference? 

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Absolutely! Provided the steroid or Kenalog injection is performed correctly, it can dissolve scar tissue and/or dissolve fat depending on the need.  We do this all the time.  Yes a noticably difference is often obtained.
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Agree with <a class="underlinelink" href="">Dr Delgado[/url].  Must emphasize, however, that kenalog is a very strong medication.  In skilled hands, it can produce wonderful results, but it depends on the dose, method of administration and the injector's facility with a needle to place the medication in the right place.  Not all doctors have the experience to do this properly.

Realize, that if you have had kenalog and it seemed to do nothing, then consider a gyne expert to do the injection. There is no tissue that will not respond to kenalog -- it just depends upon the dosage used.  And finally, there is no time limit for treatment of scar tissue -- kenalog can be used at any time -- weeks, months and even years later.

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Yes. But it must be done by someone experienced. There are different strengths of Kenalog. It can cause significant bad side effects like discoloration and atrophy if not used correctly.
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