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I am five years post surgery. Overall, I am happy with the results, but there's a slight wrinkle. I think some scar tissue has developed under one of my nipples. It makes my chest appear as though there is a ridge of tough skin around the incision. I have included photos.

I have two questions: (1) is this likely to be caused by scar tissue? (2) would a cortisone steroid shot be able to remedy the problem?

Thank you.

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After 5 years the area is well healed. Steroids will not help. There is scar tissue but mature usually by this time. The easiest solution is the re-excise the scar to get the edges better approximated and level. Good luck
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Hi Dr. Delgado,

Thanks for the response! Can I ask you a follow up? If I have a revision surgery done, what are the odds that the scar tissue will reoccur and how minor is the surgery? I really hate the idea of undergoing surgery again.

Thank you

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It is probably due to some mild scar retraction. I would recommend a scar revision and not a steroid injection.
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