Author Topic: Salt and salty food consumption ?!?  (Read 14193 times)

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I eat some, I don't add much, if it is in the food it is there.  But unlike my mom, I don't add it often.  I just try hard not to.  I like the taste of it. 

But when it comes to a medium-well ribeye... I add salt (sea salt) when I cook it...  Nothing better!

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This topic was originally posted in Feb. of 2009 and the person posting the question only monitored the site for two weeks. The post has been resurrected several times over the years with a year or more between responses.

Obviously we need all the input we can get, but resurrecting this topic again really serves no useful purpose. If it was a hot topic that would be a different matter but it is far from being a hot topic.

I think we need a means to prevent old topics with no activity for a year or more from being brought forward.

In many cases, the person responding seems to think they are contributing to an ongoing conversation when they are actually responding to something said by a person who is no longer here.

Check the dates before you respond to an old topic. If the original is getting old, it may be a good idea to start a new topic instead of reviving an old one.
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no salt at all in my diet, my mother was aware of the problems in my childhood so i can safely say it hasnt been a factor for me


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