Author Topic: Dr. Mohammad Abdulmajeed (د. محمد عبدالمجيد) - Kuwait  (Read 7929 times)

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i had my gynocomastia (التثدي لدى الرجال) surgery one week ago with doctor mohammad abdulmajeed in al salam hospital (د. محمد عبدالمجيد - مستشفى السلام), and to be honest am more than satisfied with the results!!

the operation took 2 hours and 2 hours of recovery post operation, you will stay for one day in the hospital then u can leave :)

the operation itself costs 600kd, and the total price including the room and the medications is 800kd

and this is the picture of my ugly gynocomastia :/

please feel free to ask! am here to help :)


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