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Hey guys,

I had excision only surgery about a month ago.

Now my left side of my chest is fantastic. The scar has pretty much already vanished, there is limited swelling and it looks fantastic.  

But on my right side (which was smaller and required less work) the scar is much more prominent and raised. There is a crater when i lift my arms up.  But what is really worrying me and is the point of this thread is that when i lift my right arm up, there is an intense pulling sensation on the right side of my chest just under the nipple area.  It feels like the skin is stretching. But it's pretty uncomfortable and a bit sore. I  guess I could say it feels 'tight'.

I know that it's still early days - i am not too worried.  But I am just wondering if anyone else has had that similar symptom? Does this sound like a normal part of the healing process?
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After feeling around the area a bit more, it feels like there is a long vein or something like that. It doesn't feel right.  I went to the my general doctor for a check up as my surgeon is 10 hours away. He think it's just scar tissue.  Any one else know what I am talking about?

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Sounds exactly like scar tissue to me. It feels like a hard lump.

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What you may be experiencing is Mondor's Syndrome.  Google it and read about it.  It is a rare post-op temporary problem after any type of chest/breast surgery.  I have seen it on women as well as men.  Overall, it is rare but if it occurs, it is benign and will disappear spontaneously. It would have no effect on your surgical results.

Speak to your surgeon for further information.

Dr Jacobs

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Thanks for your reply Dr. Jacobs and others.

I googled Mondor's Syndrome and it sounds precisely like what I am experiencing.  

  I have an appointment booked with my surgeon for the 24th of January. I will keep the forum updated on my progress and on her diagnosis.


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