Author Topic: Recommend Gyne Doctors in Philippines  (Read 1487 times)

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Hey guys, been a long time lurker on this page and currently saving to one day get my operation done. I'm 38 years old and like you, have had my confidence affected by this issue. I want someday to be able to wear any shirt I want and be confident on the beach without a t-shirt while enjoying my time with the family. I'm from Cebu but currently working overseas.
Just to confirm if package is around Php 60,000? Also, does anybody have any idea how much charge for their surgery? I've also read about Dr. Benny here but so far have mixed reviews (some complaining their areola caved in after operation) and cost is about Php50-70K so it's really important for me to do my due diligence as I only hope to have this operation done right the first time.
Also, does anybody know if there's someone from Cebu who does the job and did it well?
Looking forward to hearing from anyone. Thanks guys.
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I'd like to know as well. Hope someone can give some info about this.

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I would urge you and anyone else seriously thinking about Medical or Surgical Tourism to check the qualifications of their Surgeon with the utmost care.  If price is your primary consideration when looking for a Surgeon, you are bound to find yourself in a bad situation.
It is true that the surgery is expensive, and that is for good reason.  Check the qualifications of your surgeon with the utmost care before you commit to anything. Testimonials are not reliable. 
Grandpa Dan


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