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I had two unsatisfactory surgeries 10 years ago (excision and lipo); however, the results were far from good. Last year, I decided to go for a revison (lipo only). This is what I looked like immediately before:




And these pictures are from earlier this week, about one year after the lipo:




The left side still has that heaviness that I would really prefer to do something about. Do you think it's a good idea to go in for another revision, seeing as its been a year already?

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It wouldn't hurt to simply seek another opinion -- preferably from a gyne specialist, who can assess whether you still have residual excess tissue on that side.

However, realize that you have now had several operations, each of which has lefts its own legacy of scar tissue under the skin.  Revision surgery is tough because it does not and cannot remove scar tissue.  You have had some improvement from the most recent surgery -- consider accepting it and moving on.

Good luck

Dr Jacobs
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If you mean remove more fat, gosh no, l wish l had that amount. Look into crater scars and count your blessings - they seem to be awfully common after chest surgery.

I can't believe you look so good after surgery, l would definitely walk away happy right now.


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