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Agreed. I’m very adamant in sleeping shirtless now to allow my breasts to be seen as I lay on my side and such I want them exposed as much as I can. I don’t wear tank tops under shirts anymore so they are noticeably seen all for when we do have intimate moments there is no who’s what is this. My wife doesn’t seem to bring it up or say anything as they’ve grown larger and I take it as she don’t care or doesn’t notice either or we were intimate a little bit ago and she cupped them with both hands and sucked them while using each hand to massage and pull tissue in. Afterward I simply brought it up if things seemed bigger. She said they def feel softer and bigger just figured it was due to quarantine and not going to gym. Either or she doesn’t seem taken back by them and I think largely it’s because I don’t try to hide them and she can see what she is getting essentially. 


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