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Dear Friends,

It was too late to share my surgery experience. Like many others gave their inputs, I am also going to add my experience here.


I was member of this forum for almost one year. After reading the experiences of few people for the last one year, I have decided to go for Dr. Anantheswar (Manipal, Bangalore) or Dr. Ramachandran (Apollo, Chennai).


Before going to the story, let me share some of the embarrasing moments I had in my life. As far as I know I have B***s since I was 14yrs. At that time they are small, but visible. When I was studying I have put more weight and their sizes is also bcame very big. I stopped taking my shirt from age 16yr onwards till date :-(.  It as very painful experience. During my engineering I thought of surgery. But I dont know whom to consult, what specialist doctor is required.Even my girl frnds said I had stiff b***s than her. So I lived with this b***s . 1yr back one idea I was googling at that time I came across this site. Simple I loved it. Then I made my mind for operation.

I visited both the doctors, then I relised that there are two parts in the chopping, one is removing the fat and second is removing the gland. So I decided let me loose the fat by going to gym, so that the amount of wound will be made is less. I went for gym and worked hard and i lost around 4-6kgs in two months. Then I decided for surgery. Actually after going to gym my b***s shapre improved, but still it is much abnormal.


Finally I could get the date from Dr K.Ramachandran (Apollo, chennai) on 30th Apr 09. Before going for surgery you need to makeup your mind with the risks in the surgery, when I  consulted Dr K.Ramachandran, he said after surgery you may not have 100% identical chest. Even if you observe before surgery I had right side bigger. He said he will make as symetric as possible. Another risk removing fat from chest, generally if you loose fat from an area generally we will get it back soon. I asked the same to the doctor, he said it is not true for chest, it will not put fat there that easily. Pain and lifting the weights, doctor said you do it after 3 weeks from surgery, but I suspected him because of the experiences of various people here. But I cant comment on it unless i experience it.

I reached one day before surgery.  I got betadine liquid from doctor and applied it. My time for surgery is 7am. I was happy because early morning doctor will also come with fresh mind, so he can perform with more concentration. I paid the initial deposit. I have my best friend in chennai, so he also came with me for the surgery. So it helped me. I went inside operation theater. Then the male nurse came and asked me to change the dress. I sat for 5mins inside, then asked me to come inside. I saw the doctor and said good morning. Then Anasthetic came and checked my Blood pressure. He told me he is giving anasthetia. After sometime someone called me and said your surgery is over. I could not open my eyes because of anasthesia. So I was moved to recovery area. It was around 12:30 I gotup and not pain. I was little happier. I am feelign sour throat, and I am desparate to piss. So called the nurse. She informed the male nurse. He came with a jug, in which i pissed. They are giving me saline. I was moved to day care around 1:55pm. They gave one more saline. They gave me one glass of juice and glass of water. I took some tablets. Again need to go for pissing. I went to toilet 3-4times. One problem with pissing is, you have to put some pressure to piss, which is little difficult in that condition. By 6pm I was discharged from day care. Doctor suggested to take lite food. So had some fruits and juices. Slept quickly. I was able to get up with the help of my arms. But doctor said donot use your arms for anything. So i avoided lifting anyting. After two days I went for dressing, doctor checked and asked me to come on Tuesday for 2nd dress and finally he told me he will remove stiches on Thursday 07th May. Whenever I went for dressing doctor showed my chest. It was not flat like a board, but it was satisfied because I dont expect/need flat chest.
Doc said The chest will be flat, still there is some swelling. The final result will be much better.
After removing the stiches, doctor put some tape on nipples, he said on the 4th you can remove it on my own. Today I removed it without any pain. Today I saw my nipples. They are ok and I can sense them. CHest below the nipples is hard, this needs more time to recover i guess as the gland is removed from this area. All that area is harder. The chest is flatter than before, but not completely. I am fine with this. In the mirror I can see a better chest like a MAN!!!!! I need to tell you side effect for my surgery, I got the wrist pain, this is because one vein gave reaction. It became very hard because of saline dip. Doctor told me it will be ok after 3-4days. The pain is coming down each day, now there is no pain in that area.
Finally, I can say that after surgery the results are satisfactory. But your chest will not be 100% flat, but it will look like how a man should have. Previously my chest and tummy used to be parallel, but after surgery my tummy is clearly visible. In the mirror I can see a very big tummy now!!!

Best of luck to all the suffering buddies.. you can mail me if u need more details!!!

Finally Signoff from gynacomastia

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dude !! congrats !! i wann knoe  how much total cost of it ? n plz upload pre n post op picz



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let me list each cost as far as i remember...

consultation : 100
Tests          : 3500
Operation     : 42,000/- (includes charges for ur garments)
Some onintments : 1,000/-
Surgical pads and similar items : 500/-

you can add the hotel stay and travelling depend on ur own situation.
In the consultation doctor will mention about some spray during the surgery, which will cost additionally 5-7k.

Hope this helps you ... actually i have not taken any pics. because the post n pre op pics already posted and my results are inline with that.

Wish u best of luck!!!


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I am from chennai. I am also planning to hav a surgery..
Can u pls give ur mail id?

I hav few questions?

1) Will they do surgery if we go alone?
2)How many days we need to stay in hospital

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Hi Congratulations! I can feel how relieved you should be. Can you tell me if you have got the sensation back fully in the area you had the incision? thanks

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hello friend ,

               i am going to do my surgery this month , so pls need ur advice regarding surgery ,  u have done ur surgery in 2009 , and can i know is the surgery is sucess . the results are permanent ? . or do u again had the fat or glands growyh after some years of surgery .pls reply me as it will be very useful for all who suffres from gynecomastia

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Hello deepakat gyne

I have just recently undergone the surgery (on 6th august 2012,on the day of your post) at apollo cosmetic chennai. For me chennai was the best choice since i am a resident of chennai. I can assure you that the results are permanent. This is because your body stops growing after 17-18 years of age. it is safe to do the surgery if you are above 18 years. I had undergone the surgery under Dr.Vasan and i can already see a completely chest and the doctor has told that it will get better and better...For any other details please keep me posted. I have also uploaded my conversation on this site titled 'Gynecomastia in Chennai'..Kindly check it out for more info.
Thank You.


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