Author Topic: Surgery Done! @ Apollo, Chennai  (Read 2473 times)

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I got the surgery done at Apollo, Chennai...

Read about my experience here:

Member blrgyn has posted a more detailed one here: . My experience was almost similar to him since we had it at the same place and same doc.

Good Luck.

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congrats dude ! you rock  ;D !!
m also goin Alone for consultation n surgery in apollo chennai under of dr ramchandran in next few weeek .?( may be in mid or last sept )

i wanna know u r undergoin in liposuction only or liposuction wid exicison or exicision( lil bit confuzin ???) n plz upload yo pre post surgury if possible

plz gimme some suggestion according to yo experience .

thanks in advance

enjoy new n better life

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