Author Topic: Best apollo hospital or other to do surgery, help!  (Read 1953 times)

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Hey guys, im from london and I believe I suffer from severe gyne. I'm 20 and am 5'10" and weight around 85kg. Its the usual story.. had it since  I was young.. and gettin SUPER irratiting! I cnt afford the surgery here, and doubt the NHS(govt hospital) will help! I was hoping if you guys could help me what you believe would be the best and most experienced docter/hospital to get the surgery done! It would be great if I could get some info.

thank you

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dude ! there are many good hospital in india n these two doc are recommended by most of user of Asia India section go

manipal hospital  banglore >> Dr Anantheswar

apollo hospital chennai>> Dr  ramchandran

n plz view the asia section to get most of the trusted doc n hospital !!


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