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ok i have decided on surgery

i know for a fact that i have gyne, i have puffy nipples and i have major fat around the chest area that severly looks like a women boobs

i have lived with it since 10 years old and now am 21 and just can't take it anymore, i tried working out and it never went and the shape stayed the same, so i have left with no choice.

i want to know how much it costs, and need a good doctor that will get the job done so i don't have to go back again and again and again.

i live in vancouver and want to know if medical care will take care of it or do i have to pay for the cost myself.

thank you and i seriously need help on my situation.

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Totally understand your feeling. I suffered from this almost 35 years. And had surgery last year. One thing I can tell (I may be wrong ... but that's common observation here) that gyne will not go away with diet or you lose weight or by doing excersice. I tried too.  Actually it got worst apprearance wise as my body got slim and gyne stick out large. So I gain weight again. Gyne has to be removed by operation. It's not that complicated process. Not sure about surgon in BC as I am from Toronto. And here, Dr. JC Fielding is very famous. In fact, some came from BC to have operation done with him. Very happy client list he carries. But infact, i am not 100 % cured with him desipte 2 attempt. Honestly, I won't blame him for that as I had really big size of boobs to start with. So he took out lots of fat and gland tissue on first time. And infact, I started wearing T-Shirts and tight shirts first time in my life in 35 years. So I am happy.

One advise, I can give you from my experience is, if you are planning to go for surgery than you should start losing weight and start work out. By doing that, you will lose some fat already before the surgery and then what doctor has to take out is little fat and lots of gland tissue. I think that will help you to get perfect 10. Again, that's my feeling and my observation.

Good Luck.
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Surgery done on Sept 6th, 2006 with Dr. Fielding - Toronto. Not 100% cured but will get there for sure !!!

Revision done on December 7th, 2007. Let's hope for best !!!

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