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Acceptance Garments / Minimalist Bra
« Last post by jan1north on Yesterday at 10:31:54 PM »
Interesting minimalist almost-not-a-bra, bra for light weight covering and minimal support:

Anyone try one of these?
Acceptance Garments / Re: Women's Clothing
« Last post by 42CSuprise! on Yesterday at 11:15:45 AM »
Folks here know that I don't wear a brassiere all day, every day, as some participants do.  I don't have back problems or sensitive nipples that make wearing a brassiere necessary for comfort.  But this morning the thought crossed my mind as I meditated on the sofa that it would be comforting to put on a brassiere as I launched my day. 

I watched an old video on YouTube last evening... an interview with Dustin Hoffman Inside the Actor's Studio.  It was a wonderful show about his amazing career.  He was quite emotional at different points in the interview.  Eventually they came to Tootsie, a movie about a struggling actor who chose to present himself as a woman in the hopes of getting work.  He spoke about development of the movie which came out of a conversation he was having over dinner with the man who became the director.  There were family members present and they'd been drinking a bit of wine when the director said to Dustin's father... "there's a woman inside you..."  The father resisted the idea but it stayed with Dustin who brought the subject back to his friend... and the movie was created.

I reflected on the "woman inside me" and could hardly argue with that possibility given my affection for putting on a brassiere and admiring MY breasts.  So I decided this morning to give my inner woman some quality time with her favorite brassiere.  She appreciates the consideration... 8)::)  I'm not going to pretend that there isn't a part of me that enjoys the whole journey... breasts, brassieres, women's clothing... and other men talking about it.  I think this inner woman first appeared as a teenager and she's been with me the whole journey.  She's always loved putting on a brassiere... now she has breasts to FILL the brassiere.  She is doubly happy!

Acceptance Garments / Re: Women's Clothing
« Last post by taxmapper on Yesterday at 09:37:37 AM »
To assume that the hormones that are causing our boobies wont affect our brains is folly. 

Of course they will. 

But its a bit off to think that you would not have caught me dead two years ago looking at shoes other than anything black, boxy and tactical. 
Now I see fashions and shape and style. 
Both men's and women's. 
mannerisms and even modes of thought in general have altered.   its an odd sensation to say the least. some may not be affected by it, others will.  
I fall into the latter. 
Acceptance Garments / Re: Women's Clothing
« Last post by aboywithgirls on Yesterday at 09:08:26 AM »
We are all individuals here. We all have had our mammary glands stimulated by elevated levels of estrogen. This is something that we can see. We can also see how some of our hips, thighs, and bottom develope with estrogen and progesterone. 

What we can't see is how the same female hormones impact our brains. The pink brain and pink fog is how some have chosen to describe it. It feminizes our brain like it does our bodies. For example, I can say that even being raised male (sort of anyway 😉), I am much more emotional than my wife. I am more apt to cry at a sappy movie scene than my wife. I'm also much more likely to wear a skirt or dress to work than my wife. Maybe it's just my style vs. hers. Maybe it's because I've only been living full-time as a woman for a few years and it's still relatively new to me. 

I still feel that we are all different and have had estrogen effect us in different ways physical, emotional, and decision making. I think that based on my own experiences, and maybe being exposed to it as  young as I was may have destined my transition to womanhood. 

Love you guys 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Sophie ❤️❣️
Your Stories / Re: The holiday I had been dreading
« Last post by perky on August 17, 2022, 02:35:25 PM »
As I just wrote, if I had such nipples like you, I'd wear them proud with a tight fitting top to emphasize them. And of course without a bra.
Thank you. If im with friends or family Ill just wear a loose fitting T shirt as I have done so for years. Ive found that a couple of polo shirts in my wordrobe that I seldom wear really do show my nipples off and I enjoy wearing them when the time is right.
Your Stories / Re: The holiday I had been dreading
« Last post by gotgyne on August 17, 2022, 10:45:51 AM »
As I just wrote, if I had such nipples like you, I'd wear them proud with a tight fitting top to emphasize them. And of course without a bra.
Your Stories / Re: The holiday I had been dreading
« Last post by perky on August 17, 2022, 09:05:20 AM »
No.  What I am saying, is that you look like a typical guy.  We all come in different sizes and shapes.  I very seldom see pictures of thin guys with gyne, unless they are weight lifters an took steroids.  Guys here seem to think they having gyne is a reason to be embarrassed, but I suggest that if there is something to be ashamed of, it's for being fat.  However, being fat is very common, and being fat usually comes with gyneocomastia or pseudo gynecomastia.  It is so common, we don't even notice it unless we are looking for it.

I spent the weekend at a packed beach.  I'd say the vast majority of men over 30 were fat, if not obese.  We all had loose swim trunks that reached to our knees.  Only a few had shirts on, and that could have been to keep from getting sunburned.  The women, the type that complain about being treated as sex objects, had a distinct shortage of fabric in their outfits.  Not many looked good in them.  What people notice, is things far from normal (good or bad), and things they are specifically looking for.  I think a lot of people here are specically looking for gyne, and mistake it for being far from normal.  Even if someone doesn't look normal, we might notice, but we don't care.  No one forces us to look.
Just wanted to reply to this comment please gmast. Im not sure if I look over weight in the photos but im actually 72kg and 5"11 tall which is pretty near the perfect BMI. I dont use any drugs or lift weights but I guess I was born lucky to be able to maintain a heathy weight without any effort. The only issue here is that Im now developing a pair of boobs. I do enjoy them though and maybe a little bigger would be nice. Im not so sure if I want to become a C or D cup or more though but who knows how I might feel about it should that ever happen.
Ask a Doctor / Re: Too old?
« Last post by Dr. Elliot Jacobs on August 16, 2022, 03:29:59 PM »
You are not too old.  But you should consult with a gyne expert surgeon to determine all the pros and cons of gyne surgery in your age group.

Elliot Jacobs, MD, FACS
Boca Raton, Florida
Ask a Doctor / Re: Question About Pain And Hyper-Sensitivity
« Last post by Dr. Elliot Jacobs on August 16, 2022, 03:28:49 PM »
I have had a few patients who had a similar history.  The presence of pain/tenderness is due to the growth of breast tissue and oftentimes treatment with Tamox can be helpful if it is taken early in the process.  However, I have found that eventually, every patient needed surgery to remove that extra breast tissue and most patients had relief of their pain problems as well.  These observations are based based anecdotally on just a few patients -- there are no scientific studies to back this up.

Would recommend observation as long as you can tolerate it -- and if the pain still persists and the nipples remain enlarged, then you might consider surgery.  Good luck!

Elliot Jacobs, MD, FACS
Boca Raton, Florida
Acceptance Garments / Re: Women's Clothing
« Last post by Confused old man on August 16, 2022, 11:57:06 AM »
So right you guys are. Hormones are incredibly powerful. Just think back at puberty how it scrambled our teenage brains. Now I got hit with it again at the age of 60. First it was night sweats. Then came the hot flashes. And then came the severe mood swings. That’s when I decide it was time to see a doctor. So now 4 years later my mood has evened out. Still some periods of a little rage but controllable now. Hot flashed are there but not as bad. Night sweats pretty much gone. But what it left me was boobs and a big for long periods of time use to bother me. Not anymore..lots of padding yes to women’s jeans. They fit. Some men’s jeans fit in the butt but to get that I have to get the waist size up and then they are loose at the waist. The women’s jeans I buy are cut so the waist fits and they flare out from there to accommodate my butt and thighs. It’s a no brainer. If your body changes, ya gotta go with what fits. And just because it’s marked women’s or men’s makes no difference at all. Just clothes that fit and Are comfortable. Believe me I had a hard time with it all to begin with. Thank goodness for my wife that led me in the direction of clothing that worked for me. Like she said men when they get older get skinny legs and flat butts. I have chunky thighs and a big butt now. She says ya gotta love
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