Author Topic: Training around upcoming surgery?  (Read 2370 times)

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This training section seems to be pretty dead so in an effort to get it back to life, I'm wondering if anyone has experience or tips for scheduling their training around upcoming gynecomastia surgery?

I've known since January that I'd be having surgery in March so I've been doing a lean bulk since then. With the 6 weeks off after surgery I plan to eat at maintainence for the first two weeks, slowly tapering down to a 10-20% calories deficit while introducing light cardio. I'm currently sitting at around 185lbs but plan to get to a lean ~170lbs for summer but will obviously try minimise any loss of muscle during my 6 weeks off.

This is my first time bulking as I've always been afraid of it after growing up being overweight. I'm still reaping the benefits of noob gains so kinda disappointing I'll have to give training a break. Currently I'm at:

Front Squat - 245lbs 3x5
Deadlift - 330lbs 1x5
Bench - 190lbs 3x8 (trying hard to get this up!)
OHP - 145lbs 3x8
Pull-ups - +25lbs 3x8

Any tips to maintain these during the layoff?


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