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Hello. First signed up to must be around 20 years ago. Shows how long I've been dealing with this problem. I am 38,slim to medium build, with puffy nipples and some accompanying breast fat. Not huge but certainly very visible. Remember the first night I noticed it -around 12/13 and seemed to be huge and quite white for screw days,very tender...then just never gone away. I hate them,big pink, feminine nipples that feminise my torso. Cold,erect nipples = more or less normal chest.

Anyway, recently I have been looking into surgery with Dr. Nurein in Sheffield. It is costly of course but achievable. 

I have reservations - what if it doesn't flatten the nipples? Shouldn't I spend this money on my family etc? Surgery complications?

However - here is another complicating factor. My nipples,areola and the surrounding tissue (like,into armpit it feels like?) Are VERY sensitive. Not fun when 'friends' would tweak them but... recently... extremely fun during solo play. I am exploring prostate massage and my nipples are very much hotwired to intense sensations down there. So...I'm asking, does anyone else find this to be the case? Does it make you more accepting of your puffy nips? Did you lose this post surgery? Am I cutting out a major source of pleasure if I go under the knife?

Hope this is an appropriate question. To be clear, I still hate how they have made me look/feel - but I need to explore every angle before parting with 4k!!!

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Sorry, but this site did not exist 20 years ago. Merle opened this site when he closed the old one about 16 years ago. Merle is a distant cousin of mine.

My gynecomastia was diagnosed when I was 12 years old in 1949. Yes I really am that old. Dr. Price told my mother it should shrink and go away in a couple of years. I'm still waiting. 

Seriously, I really am 82 years old and I really have had this for as long as I can remember. But, while it has sometimes been a source of embarrassment, I cannot honestly say I have suffered as a result of it.

The breasts of all of us (men and women alike) were born with the same breasts with the same supply of nerves. So some of us have sensitive breasts and some of us have breasts that are less sensitive. Those are individual differences and have nothing to do with whether we are male or female. 
Grandpa Dan

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Depending on how large they are to begin with, they will usually remove tissue from the underside of your breasts so the scarring will be less visible.  If they do this, your nipples may end up in the wrong place and have to be removed and relocated.  Unfortunately, when they do this, they will probably disconnect the nerves that provide the sensitivity and they become just skin.  This is what happened when my wife had breast reduction years ago.  Bummer.  For this reason, I would never consider surgery.  As my breasts grew, the nipples became more sensitive, which I happen to like.  Discuss this with your doctor before you make any decisions.

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Thanks,both, for your replies so far. I have done some trawling on the forums to see if I can find responses from people who gave had gland excision and it seems that many say the sensitivity returns after a period of numbness. 

I must admit to feeling great envy for those who get a great result and who have that 'gland in hand' moment of facing and cutting the thing that has caused them such shame and embarrassment over the years. Don't get me wrong,I'm not saying Gynecomastia gas been the ONLY factor in my poor body image,but it's a pretty big part.

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Just my experience...

Definitely lost sensitivity around nipple post-surgery. In fact they were completely numb for a while. But as the body heals and nerve endings mend etc, the feeling comes back. They are still very slightly numb in some areas (perhaps where there is some remaining scar tissue) but they are now at least 90% sensitive as pre-op.


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