Author Topic: Erection problems w/gyne  (Read 31158 times)

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I thought it can feel a testosterone but the guy claimed "I get extremely tight when a lady takes off my top as well as this causes you not to get hard." That doesn't seem to suit anything however anxiety. However I might endorse which your man goes within the name Time_to_fix_it pointed away just just just in case.

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The last four posts are confusing to me... but then perhaps you're learning how to use the "quote" function.

On the issue... gynecomastia is related to a hormone imbalance, so it is likely that as breasts become larger, there is also a hormonal shift at work... reduced testosterone and elevated estrogen.  This is hardly rocket science.  Men who are transitioning will block testosterone and supplement with estrogen to grow breasts.  Our bodies are doing essentially that on their own... perhaps aided by drugs we've taken for prostate or other issues, perhaps simply be aging.  I know that as my libido has faded my breasts have grown.  Yes, there is a part of me that wants those rigid erections back, the ones always on call... at least when I'm not caught in some emotional cyclone that has the potential to soften any erection...  But I'm not about to ask for testosterone injections.  I'm not on the hunt for another sexual conquest... been there, done that and it wasn't all that fun.  There is something to be said about relaxing and enjoying the breasts that now occupy center stage in my erotic imagination... my OWN breasts.

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They see you wearing a bra just like them. They see you have breasts just like them.  They know what feels good and that they like to have done to their breasts, so they do it to you so you can feel good just like they do. I think that’s very nice of them.  And does it feel good?


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