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Surgery Experience

Development: I became aware of my gynecomastia during my 2nd year at varsity. I was 20 at the time. Not sure completely what lead to the development of my puffy nipples but it may have been a combination of the large amounts of weed I smoked, and alcohol I consumed, on top of that I had shitty eating habits of a varsity student which resulted in me gaining about 10 kgs during my 1st yr at varsity.

I quickly lost that weight, but the puffy protruding nipples remained. After struggling with them for 3 or 4 long years, I decided to do some research, which I was to scared to even attempt prior to my girlfriends encouragement. I decided on Dr Delgado after reading his blogs and seeing all the experience he had.

Surgery: Dr Delgado confirmed what he had diagnosed on our skype talk, I had puffy nipples, think he rated them at 4 out of 10. He is super chilled and his ladies in his office are awesome which really gave me confidence nearing the date.

Post 24hrs: The surgery went so well. Minimal pain, was just pretty tied and a little uncomfortable with the vest on so took it very easy.

Post Surgery Day 4 Haematoma :(: Healing well, the drains working well just a little bit of pulling where they enter under the armpits. Unfortunately developed a haematoma and had to go back in so Dr Delgado could reopen the nipple and flush it out with water. Bloody painful, as I was awake, but I survived. Chances of haematoma development are less than 5%, woke up on my stomach the night before think it may have been the cause.


First 2 mnths: Healing went smoothly after the haematoma was removed. I took it easy, didnt exercise much or go to the gym for the first 2 mnths. Tried not raise my arms too much as it caused an uncomfortable pulling on the surgical area. Quite a bit of scare tissue, particularly on the side of the haematoma, which I'd prod and check up on everyday.


Today 6 months later: Scare tissue pretty much gone, feeling in my nippples has pretty much come back, if I press hard on the area slight pain so think still bit of healing left. Otherwise have full movement, and to my critical eyes its my chest is looking more than amazing.


Happiness: Don't regret the money I paid for Dr Delgado's surgery one bit, I identified him as the best in the business and didn't hesitate after that. I'm so happy to no longer have my pokey, pointy, puffy, protruding nipples. I love going for those swims I'd so want before, but avoided. The things (my nipples) that I thought about an unhealthy amount of times in a day, seldom crosses my mind these days.I feel so fortunate to have had the means to deal with them, and am so grateful to Dr Delgado, for his sculpting abilities. Im a little traumatized at the thought of my nipples returning, so going to maintain a healthly lifestyle, probably for the rest of my life. Blessing in disguise the way I'm viewing it.

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Hey congrats on your surgery! I'm actually having surgery with Dr Delgado on the 27th and had a few questions. I'm terrified of surgery. Was it all worth it? Were having those drains in for those days that bad? I keep reading horrific stories of how bad drains are and how bad it hurts when they get removed and I don't know if i'm ready for all of that. Was wearing the compression vest worth it too? I'm sorry I have so many questions, i'm so scared of something going wrong, and my chest not looking the way I want it, or it not healing right that i've started thinking of not going through with it. Also, after you are healed and have a full range of motion and are able to workout, is it possible to still build muscle and have a good looking chest?


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