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4 weeks ago, i had a small revision surgery on the right side. the Goal was to get rid of scar tissue inside that was located not directly under the areola but besides (in direction of the armpit). therefore about 1,5 cm of the old scar in the areola was cut again. there was excision and very Little lipo done. now the scar tissue seems to be gone, but i am extremely unhappy with the appearance of the scar now. the plastic surgeon did NOT use steri strips to reinforce the sutures. this i saw 2 days later at my first Check-up. at this time i had a scab at the scar that was fine for about 0,5 cm and getting more broad on the remaining 1 cm. i began to worry that the scar has the same broadness as the scab but the doctor said everything was fine. after 2 weeks, the scab fell off and my worries were confirmed. the scar is about 0,5 cm broad for the length of 1 cm approximetaly. this part is located at side towards the arm (the vertical part of the scar).there is no Pigmentation anymore, just White-red (with the tendency to become totally White). it Looks like a White flat whole inside the areola.
i phoned my doctor an he said there is no Need to come and see him before my next Check-up at week 6, because there is nothinng that can be done about it now until the scar is 6 months old and he thinks it cannot be that disturbing.
the surface scar now is much more annoying than the scar tissue inside   before, that had almost no cosmetic appearance (it could only be felt when touching the chest
now i think the whole surgery was a big mistake and i just had to had left the things as they were. it costed alot of Money and i am so unhappy now that i could cry.
i am almost sure that the scar will not improve much more in its appearance.
so i will have to have another revision to get rid of the scar. but this can be done in 6 months at the earliest. and maybe its impossible to tunr this scar in a aceptable one.
i am very very frustrated, becaus ei thought it is no Problem for a certified plastic surgeon to create a good scar. i made absolutely no mistakes post surgery.
dont know how to move on at the Moment.

sorry for the bad english, i am german speaking.


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