Author Topic: Dr. Law and Staff Are Wonderful! - Raleigh,NC  (Read 909 times)

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Dr. Law and Staff Are Wonderful! - Raleigh,NC
I went to Dr. Law's office for gynecomastia surgery Oct 2018 and overall it was a wonderful experience. I had some gland tissue and some fat removed from my chest. First the fat was removed by ultrasonic liposuction and the glad that was left was removed by excision around the nipple. The whole team there makes you feel comfortable and at ease while answering any questions and concerns you have. The staff is really knowledgable and check in on you throughout the whole process. I am highly satisfied with the results and would definitely recommend Dr. Law.

If anyone is thinking about getting this procedure done, expect some downtime and you will probably have a decent amount of appointments(I believe I had about 6). Also keep expectations realistic, since each case of gynecomastia is different. I would also recommend to keep working out after the surgery to maintain your great looking chest!


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