Author Topic: Please HELP - Do I have Gynecomastia? Rate 1-10  (Read 2273 times)

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Currently about 60 pounds overweight (have lost 22 pounds so far and going fast)  So I am not sure if I have gyne or it is just fat.  I have always had somewhat puffy nips though. 

See here.

Puffy from under neath...

Erect from close up... (this one is sorta sexy!)

Puffy side view...

Puffy front view...

Erect side view (the far nipple was puffy still I think - did not "tweek it enough")

Another erect front close up...

Your opinions of whether I have gyne or not is welcome.  Like I said before I am losing weight so it may or may not change.  I am currently 260lbs and I an going to get down to about 190-200.  I also plan on working the pec muscles like a mother!

Thank You!

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I don't know for sure but you could have it.  I would talk to your doctor and get a professional opinion.  The others may have been right when they said the condition could lessen even more with the continued weight loss.  Plus, since you say you were larger, maybe they have just not caught up with the rest of you yet.  This is not an expert opinion.  See your physician.

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I think you have it. Not horrible but you have it


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