Author Topic: help me rate how bad i have gynecomastia please  (Read 1922 times)

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I have gynecomastia idk how bad i have it im constantly made fun of my chest even by friends i try to ignore it but at this point it seems impossible im a junior in hs and have had it since i was in the 5th grade please tell me on a 1-10 scale how bad u think i have this condition i dont wanna rush to get the surgury and it turns out its all in my head .... thanks and god bless here is the link


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OMG what a disaster...

...yeah, you really oughta get that tattoo checked :p

Seriously now, judging by my own history of suffering, you do have a moderate case of gyne. I'll also tell you what a lot of newcomers are told here, gynecomastia isn't as much of a physical issue that you can rate on a scale of 1-10 as much as it is a psychological issue. Our opinion is completely irrelevant if you don't feel good about yourself, right? If we all told you, nah you're fine (as many doctors have told me), it would leave you with only temporary relief. I like to think of Joey from Friends, when Rachel bought him a unisex bag and he felt so self-conscious about its femininity despite constant reassurances by Rachel that it's fine...he was comfortable for a while, but eventually, he snapped! (I know, such a white-boy example haha)

You should be asking YOURSELF, how self-conscious do I feel about this abnormality?
As a rule of thumb, if you rate it 8 or higher, you should get an appointment with a surgeon at your nearest convenience...after handling the parent issue of course.

And don't believe people who tell you that shedding a few pounds would help...if you have tru gynecomastia, chances are, it ain't gonna pack up and leave any time soon.

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I suck at rating but maybe a 4or5 out of 10. Looks like you got some fat and gland there. Its worse than my case and I got surgery to correct it. I'm only 10 days post-op, but life is already so much sweeter.

Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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