Author Topic: Pls Rate my Gynecomastia!  (Read 1799 times)

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Can someone rate the severity of my case. I greatly appreciate it, Thanks

How do i post picture? Under Additional Options there is no attach option. Can someone help

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To post a picture, simply upload it on your computer (transfer it from your camera, phone or whichever device you used to take the picture) and save it somewhere (desktop for instance).
Go to www dot imageshack dot us and upload your picture there to have a direct link of the picture.

You can:
- either post the direct link of the picture and we will click to see it
- when you hit the reply button, look for the picture saying "Insert Image" (between the italicized button and the wink face)
you should have something like this [img][/ img]. Post the picture link between the ][ and you will display your picture without having anyone to click on any link (easier for the lazy ones :P)

I hope this helps!
Looking forward to see your pictures.


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