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Hi guys had my surgery on the 14/04/05 on the nhs only gland excision they don't do lipo on nhs my gyn was moderate/severe.  Since i had the drains taken out 3 days afetr opp have had fliud built up, rhs drained 5 times and lhs 3 times.   My rhs is not swallon or briused has some scar tissue which feels like a plastic pipe on outer side of chest the skin feels loose especially if i lean forward it hangs down a little.  The lfh has alot of sweeling well i hope so as its same size as before surgery but the nipple is not puffy has shrunk in size.

My question is the doc did not provide me with compression vest or put on any type of bandage for compression on my chest after opp do you think its a bit to late now to use a compression vest ???.

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Yes, I'd say so.  The compression vest is effective for the first 7 (give or take a few) days after surgery.
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Yes, I'd say so.  The compression vest is effective for the first 7 (give or take a few) days after surgery.

I saw your thread about the compression. It makes sense, but I would still recommend wearing the vest for a lot longer than 7 days. 95% of the doctors that use them say at LEAST two weeks of 23/7, then two more of night time use.

I'm not saying your doc is wrong or anything, but people's body's are different as far as recovering from an operation. One person's tissue's could START to adhere to it's new home in a week, whereas another's could take two weeks. Also, if it's just starting to stick to it's new place, don't you think that it could be easily interupted? Why not wear it longer...hell, it won't hurt, only help.

Gynokid, starting to wear the vest at 4 weeks post might not do to much good. Your probably far enough along the healing process where it won't help anything, but who knows. I wouldn't bother going to spend $100 bucks to find out at this point, but if I had one laying around I'd sure use it.

As long as there is still fluid buildup, the vest will help in my opinion. Think about it...with compression, the fluid does not have a chance to build up anywhere. The vest makes doesn't give it any room to sit.

Just my two cents.


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Well I am kind of in the same situation...I am 6 weeks post op tomorrow and I still have fluid on the left side.  I have worn the vest pretty much 24/7. I had drains for the first 5 days. I also have been drained countless times, but the fluid returns.

I posted a message on this last week.
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