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Sorry for the crummy pictures, however when both my arms are straight the stick out  hell of a lot more, and i think with no shadow there it makes them look smaller, but trust me they look a hell of alot worse

I'm still overweight at 80kg, 5'8 however during my lowest and highest weight's since 18 75kg-96kg they have more or less stayed the exact same which is frustrating so say the least, especially since I've lost about 15kgs or already it still just feel's like I've lost nothing even though all my pant's are not too big for me etc

I've felt them a lot obviously over my life and i't feel's very hard and different to fat however the gland's and tissue stretch right around to the side of my body when i feel it.
I'm looking at getting surgery soon enough im done dealing with this but i figured i'd share my pictures to show my problem to the other people here suffering in the same situation


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Definitely not anything I would worry about, it's very unlikely to be noticed by anyone - even with your shirt off.

B and my $0.02


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I would have to agree with the previous poster! You really don't have anything to worry about.

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Drop your body fat down . Then asses it.

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You have a mild to moderate case of gynecomastia.  No amount of diet or exercise will make a significant difference in your chest, although there is no harm in trying these first. If you still seek a better shape, then surgery can specifically target the excess tissues and remove them.

Recommend you seek the opinion of a gyne expert in your area or consider traveling for that opinion and expertise.  Or, you can consider wearing a snug compression shirt for a better appearance.

Good luck!

Dr Jacobs
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They also look much larger when you look straight down and the nipples are scarcely nine inches from your eyes.   They also look much larger when they are on yourself.  We cannot be truly objective about ourselves.   
Seriously, they are a bit enlarged. but not much.  Most guys would tend to ignore them.   If that does not work for you then surgery is your only solution. 
Grandpa Dan

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I would have to agree with my cohorts. You really do not have a great deal to worry about since with a shirt on or off you look like you have some good pectoral muscles and not breast growth. And like some have said, it always looks worse from our own viewpoint. Be at peace and do not worry about it.

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This is gyne the way i see it. Wether you worry about or not is up to you, you could say this so someone with severe gyne but would this change his mind about what he thinks about it? I'd doubt it


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