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Disclaimer!! I did not accept the scholarship due to financial issues. So to super summarize I was an athletic chubby/curvy boy growing up. I say curvy because my belly would have been considered average but my butt and chest would have been considered large for even the girls my age. I had gender identity issues but with a very straight father those ideas were steamrolled with the push of athletics. Middle school ball was rough with shirts and skins but I dealt with the gasps and giggles mostly by mothers or younger siblings of teammates. High school was better because I started wrapping a workout body temp band around my chest so they wouldn’t bounce (had to adjust it constantly in games). There was a senior/freshman game and I had to guard the best player since I was our best defender. I held him to a few free throws so after the game when we were changing (I wasnt wearing my wrap and had a tank top on) he grabbed my chest saying nice boobs bitch and challenged me to 1 on 1. I said he had his chance and his went after me (I’m very self conscience and extremely aggressive/defensive about my body at this point).We grappled a bit trying to take each other down and he got me in a headlock. He had the better of me and I just wanted it to end he was enjoying me tapping out. I started punching him aiming for his family jewels and he ripped my tank top off on purpose. So I’m scrambling with half my teammates laughing blocking my chest because I’ve been good at hiding it. He got my shorts down next and I tripped into my locker. Felt like an eternity scrambling to pull my pants up and shirtless trying to find anything to put on. I finally got a practice jersey on and the crowd let up laughing. I was then known as titties for a few weeks. I said nothing and the bullying ceased. Ended up getting a scholarship for basketball with that same time minus the bully. I didn’t go after suffering a knee injury not even playing ball. Go figure
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A lot of us can relate to similar bullying and teasing. Sorry you had that 


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