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Hi I was just wondering if I could get a little help from the community. I won't go too much into my history mainly because I'm sure its very much like everyone elses; uncomfortable in most clothes, never take my shirt off, been hiding this since I was about ten etc. I have had the surgery before when I was fifteen. When I finally got the bandages off I was shattered to find that nothing had changed. I later learned from the surgeon that it would take more than one surgery to complete the job. So about a year later when my chance to have the second round of surgery through the public health system I turned it down becuse I was so disheartened by the first surgery and would have to pretend that I had another motobike accident to cover my shame of having plastic surgery as a young boy, as I did with the first surgery. I have recently found out that there was no resaon that the whole procedure could not be done in one go except for the chance for the doctor to make more money by performing multiple surgeries. This as well as having permenant nerve damage due to an Anaesthetist administering unnecessary drugs against my wishes in a different surgery purely for monatery gains has left me a distrust in this regard. (for any doctors reading this my grievance and mistrust is not with medical professionals as such but has more to do with humanity in a more general regard when it comes to making money to which the medical profession along side all others is not immune). This is were I ask for help from the community. I have looked through this forum to try and find some clue as to which doctor to choose to perform my surgery. As I can barely afford the surgery I definitely can't afford to pay for several different consultations to find out what their results are for this surgery i.e photos and for some reason I am having a very hard time viewing 19 out of 20 photos that are said to be displayed on the forum. So I am wondering if anyone that is happy with their results that had there surgery in preferably Victoria, Australia but would be willing to travel within Australia to get the right doctor as i will only have one chance to get this right. If I could please see any before and after photographs and the name of the Surgeon responsible - you would be helping me more than you could imagine, as I just want to get the best result possible as to look and feel normal for once.
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You might try to speak with Dr Guy Watts in Perth.  He is an excellent, young plastic surgeon and I have actually trained him in my techniques for gynecomastia surgery.

Good luck!

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