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Hello guys, my name is Enver. I've  read a lot of threads here recently so I decided why not?

 I first became insecure about my moobs about 10 years ago, when we used to have swimming lessons in school, however, it's only been in the past 4 or 5 years where they have just become unbearable. I have stopped wearing t-shirts and wear a hoodie over most things (even in the summer) because I am just so freakishly upset about my chest. I've always been slightly overweight - right now I'm 80kg, about 6"2 which honestly isn't even [that] fat - my moobs just make me feel really bad and have totally battered my confidence.

So, after reading through this forum recently, I've realised that surgery is my only option - no amount of dieting will lose those glands. I haven't had a flat chest since I was about 9 years old and I just can't deal with it any longer.

I'm between the ages of 18-22, and so I will be starting my first year of university in September. By the time I start uni, I will hopefully have saved £2000. I am going to receive some of my maintenance grant then (perhaps a bit over £1000) but I will not touch my loan as that will used for accommodation and food etc. Does anyone know the best way for me to go about paying for the op? As I've said I will probably have £3000 to blow but that will not be enough. Are they any kind of loans or things of that nature which will help me cross the £4k mark?

I know I am going to be financially RUINED for the first few months of uni and I am not going to tell my family that I want the surgery done, therefore I will be going into this solo. Since I will be studying in the north, I'm thinking that Levick is the best choice for me, considering the high praise he has received on this board - going into London for Karidis is going to be too much hassle, as well as costing more money.

 I need to book my consultation stealthily - as I've mentioned, I cannot let my family know about this operation as it's just far too embarrassing for me - would you recommend I book my consultation before or after I start uni, and how much time is allowed from consultation to the date of actual surgery?

Another important question is how badly will the recovery process affect me whilst at uni? Unfortunately, this is probably going to be the only chance I have to correct my moobs until I finish uni - and there is no way I'm going to wait that long.

If anyone has bothered reading this far then you will probably be thinking that it is a terrible idea to put myself under such financial strain just as I'm about to begin university - but I seriously cannot understate how miserable my chest has made me feel these last few years. And since I'm just about to start uni, I want to live a normal social life and I just can't do that with my gyne.

I am really tempted to post some pictures - there's far worse cases here, but I will say that mine is pretty bad  - but I will refrain for now as I'm feeling pretty apprehensive about putting such pics on the internet.

Well, thanks for reading, and thanks for advance for any replies. This forum has really given me a kick up the backside and motivated me to finally do something about this once and for all.

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Hey there...

Firstly we all share your pain, embarrassment, years of social exclusion and so on - we're all in the same boat - this isn't the kinda forum you'll ever be 'judged' or derided on!

Quite a few guys go through the process in secret, ill probably be another one when my turn comes! - it can be done, though many won't recommend it, but the choice and reasons are always down to the individual of course.

I'm having to raise my cash the hard way (see my thread!) - but seeing everyone else's journey through the process keeps me ever more determined to get there myself.

If your credit rating is good, there are always options of a small loan from your bank, credit card, etc. - but if course you need to work out if the repayments are going to be affordable whilst at Uni? - £1,500 over a couple of years shouldn't be too much per month - certainly the kind of money you could pick up with a few hours part-time work without affecting studying too much I'd have thought?

Or... Maybe like me yesterday, you can find some junk to sell?! - it's amazing what we all accumulate, and amazin what other people will buy! - it all adds up.

Good luck!

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This sounds very similar to my story. I'm 19 and took a gap year before I started uni this September just so that I could get rid of my moobs. I've managed to earn about £8000 during my gap year hence I was able to afford my surgery. Had the surgery done with levick in April and haven't looked back since. I chose levick even though I live in london because I prefer his under arm approach and I felt he understood the condition due to him having the problem himself.

I feel confident and happy which I never thought I would ever again. Full recovery will be long but the pain starts to dissapear and sensitivity comes back after about a month. It may be too late for you to have it done before uni now but I highly recommend you get it done sooner rather than later. Good luck and I look forward to seeing how things turn out.


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