Author Topic: For everyone who had to get drains...  (Read 1929 times)

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How long did you have to have yours in for? I have to be back to work this Thursday and I got my surgery on Wednesday... I'm dreading having to wear them to work! The doctor mentioned something about at least having 40 oz. of fluid drained before removing?

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I had the surgery on a Wednesday and the doctor removed the drains on the following Monday.  I feel for you, the drains absolutely sucked.  And no, I can't imagine going to work with drains still in, I don't think it will work out for you.

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I don't think it would really go by how much is drained, but how much is continuing to drain.  I go mine out today, day four after surgery.  Yesterday and today, the output was just a matter of drops.  I'm sure if it's down to just a couple drops every 12 hours, the doc isn't going to force to to keep them until you drain X amount...  That said, I've never heard of them being in for longer than a week.


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