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Title: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
Post by: lucifer on November 27, 2012, 12:43:02 PM
Hi everyone

I've been a long time lurker on these boards and now that I'm now about to have my own op, I think I owe it to myself and this community to share my own journey.

I'm having my surgery with Karidis on the 29th of Nov (I think sjwsjw is going in for it that day too, might see you there bud, atho I'm sure I'll prob be too panicked to say hello; though it is nice to think someone else will be going through the same journey as me at the same time).

I have a pretty mild case of gyne that, like so many cases I've come across, can be concealed by the cold/careful clothing/posture etc, but it has so far held me back in so many ways that I'm happy to go through with a procedure to rid myself of this condition.

I've never been overweight and I'm pretty active most of the time but lately I've struggled between losing enough weight to reduce the need for lipo and maintaining enough muscle to support the contour post-op. At the moment I'm around 14-15% bf and can still lift pretty heavy in the gym. Have rested up since Mon (op on Thur) in preparation for the surgery.

Trying to sort the last min things at the moment. Have arnica cream and pineapple at the ready, along with a zip up top and a huge supply of  films to watch (looking forward to that part of the recovery at least). Staying in London for a few days afterwards so I should have plenty of time to recover. Need to shave my chest this evening (tried it recently as a dry run for the op and didn't like it much at all; stubble = not much fun) which hopefully will allow me to get a better overall view of the gyne's severity (sometimes I feel its passable and other times I wonder how I've let it go on this long)

I'm keeping this log as much as a diary for myself aswell as anyone who may in the future wish to proceed with the operation themselves. Pre op pics to follow soon, and the post op won't be too long after either.
Title: Re: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
Post by: sjwsjw on November 27, 2012, 01:09:56 PM
Yea I'm in with him 10am 29th.

Good luck mate, even if we don't cross paths on the day it's awesome to see that you've made a board and I can follow your progress along side mine. I'm outta shape atm but I only weight loss 11st 2 and and I'm just over 6ft. I feel like I'm at a size I can sort of hide this easier, can't wait to feel in control of my body after.
Title: Re: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
Post by: sjwsjw on November 28, 2012, 06:47:29 AM
All my hair is off tonight lol. Gunna shave my arm pits too for the lipo incisions, that'll be odd
Title: Re: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
Post by: lucifer on July 28, 2021, 12:14:24 PM
Hi, not sure if anyone will actually read this, but I figure I may as well post for anyone interested

I had surgery with Dr. Karidis in 2012. For whatever reason, my serratus anterior muscle on one side never fully recovered from the surgery. I have an almost congealed fibrotic area (not immediately noticeable on the surface except when flexing) on the same side and as a result I get quite bad pain from the tension of the other muscles of my chest, shoulder and back up to my neck as they try to compensate for the paucity of tone in my serratus anterior.

As it has been some years since, I have rehabilitated myself as best as I could but it is still frustrating to have paid so much as to have lost such functionality in my body. Sitting on a chair can sometimes be uncomfortable as my scapula would wing (it has improved but plateaued) and the muscles towards my neck would burn from trying to hold my shoulder in the correct position (in vain).

For the fibrotic area on the chest, I have still troubles to connect my chest with my arms due to the disconnect the area causes in movement. It also looks imbalanced.

I was extraordinarily shy, and ashamed and worried before my surgery and afterwards. I didn't want anyone to know. I tried to bury my problems but it did cause me significant anguish privately that I couldn't stand straight, proud and relaxed in my own body as a result of my posture being antagonized by the lack of tone in this area. I considered scar injections to help with the fibrotic area, but reviews were mixed and I knew that the Dr doesn't seem to like doing them before I even went for a review.

I did go for a review check up with Karidis a few years later (I'm not from London). And before we could begin to discuss my problems or potential solutions (I did eventually get my point across; although it was barely received) Karidis was quick to fetch his camera so he could capture a 'success' story. I had to remind him that that was not something I would want in a month of Sunday's and bring back the follow up review to the crux that I wasn't happy and needed some solution (perhaps an adhesiotomy to reduce the congealed mess I spoke of earlier). He gave limp answers to the effect that there wasn't anything he could have done. He also seemed offended to think that he might have damaged my long thoracic nerve (the nerve responsible for the serratus anterior) even thought mine worked just fine before the surgery. In short, he was f'in useless. Limp and withering at best and it was very apparent that the camera he was so keen to force on me was the only thing he had seemed concerned about in the entire appointment.

As I left, I mentioned his behaviour to some other patrons in the lobby. Later I received some information from him about pain management consultants (expensive) in lieu of any treatment options put forward (or even taken into consideration) by himself. I am not so shy anymore. I've learned to live with what is now a fact of my life (that this part of my body  may never work as designed again) and although the cosmetic side is improved, I still have awkward lines of scar and sagging on one side (guess which one?). I just figured as I returned to this forum that I would explain some of my path following surgery and to advise that once your surgery with K is complete; don't hold your breath in expecting aftercare; unless you have a great result and are happy to jump in front of his camera.

I'm still in pain (mainly in my back from the tension caused by the disruption to the chest) everyday.

Title: Re: Op' with Karidis on the 29th
Post by: improving on December 07, 2021, 06:33:27 PM
This is a real shame considering the journey you have been through. Sorry to read about it.

Are you able to get a scan on nhs or privately to see what’s going on?
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