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About a month ago I went to my family doctor to check my chest out because my gynecomastia(undiagnosed at the time) had become pretty severe. The lump on my right side, which my doctor called a nodule, is not only firm but solid all the way through and is 3-4 inches wide, 2-3 inches long and maybe 2 inches deep. My left side, while severe also, features more glandular matter. If I squeeze my right puffy nipple a partly clear, partly cloudy, yellowish sticky fluid comes out. My doctor sent me for an ultrasound and mammagram but I got something in the mail stating that I just have gynecomastia with fluid in my chest also and should not worry about it.  My questions are 1) should I worry about it? and 2) is my case severe enough to even stand and chance of my insurance covering excision? What precertifies a candidate for medical coverage?  Thank you very much for your reply.


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