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  I have been on Flexeril, Neurontin and Hydrocodone for crushed discs in my back. Prior to being on these meds I never had any problems with my chest. That has all changed.
  In times past I had tight muscles and was always thin.
  I have always been between 150 - 155 at 5'7". My chest was 37" and waist about 30". I had a lot of energy and worked 2 jobs.
  Since becoming ill about 4 years ago my weight has gone up to about 170. I noticed that my chest is no longer tight and manly. It has gone from 37" to 40" and the appearance is as of a woman's.
  My questions are as follow:
  1 Do the side effects of these meds trigger gynecomastia?
  2 Since my chest keeps growing rather quickly now would it do any good to wear a bra so that the new fat doesn't drop in this area?
  I have noticed from some pictures here that some have a chest like mine and some have pictures where the fat has dropped. That is something that I am afraid will happen with me. Does a bra, in a sence shape the chest/breast before it drops?
  I already know that the meds are necessary for my back problems and other spine problems so I am ready to accept whatever happens to my build without getting too depressed.
  I am mainly looking down the road for the lesser of all evils, so to speak and make the most of a bad situation.
  I am in my early 50's.
  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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