Author Topic: can gyno ever come back after surgery (with steroid use, prescription DHEA etc)  (Read 5458 times)

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can gyno ever come back after surgery (with steroid use etc)?

Not saying that that is my objective, but my estradiol went up from 16 to 56 (11 to 44 range) with use of DHEA, which I was prescribed because I am hypoadrenal. Turns out DHEA has a fondness for turning into E2.

If I ever want to return to using DHEA again, as I would like to, can high estrogen conceivably cause the reappearance of gyno?  (though I have since reduced the DHEA dose)

EDIT: ok so I have read that gyno can reappear if the underlying problem is not corrected.

So that has scared me off taking DHEA ever again. Seriously, doctors should know this stuff, and DHEA is available off-prescription!

But this has left me with some more questions:
1) My estradiol is probably dropping as I type this, but, since it was so high (I stopped DHEA only one week ago, days before the surgery, can it cause rapid reappearance of the breast tissue?

2) Is there a link between hypoadrenalism (both my serum cortisol and DHEA are just below normal range) and gyno?

3) Is there a link between hypoadrenalism and elevated prolactin?

Please, please do not say that I should ask my doctor, because the doctors I have access to know very little about this.
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