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Just a quick update as I am in thanks of the help of this forum. It's been a year since surgery so these are only my notes i'm looking back on. Sorry for being brief but it's all i have. I am thankful for the forum so posting here to wrap up my journey.

Random notes
  • Book via the site - don't go by a 3rd party who will take a commission and charge you higher price. Also the clinic is more organised than 3rd party people who screwed up my booking
  • The recommended solo plus accommodation is cheap! Basic. No english TV. Bring things to do (films on iPad/USB drive to plug into TV)
  • There is no lift (matters with surgery as climbing stairs hurt). It's ok, take them slow.
  • There are good local shops, a tram opposite the hotel
  • There is no wifi on the 2nd floor and the radiators are always on. Sweat bath.
  • buy your vests from the UK BEFORE you have surgery. You need them pronto. Take them with you. Get a Macom from the site. I think I used a discount code. I got a size bigger and smaller. I used both in my recovery.
  • The food in the malls are cheap cheap cheap.
  • The cab drivers rip you off so get a price BEFORE you commit to a booking. Anna was great though. See if you can book her. I think it was chris who overcharged..
  • Treat yourself to a good hotel in the city after surgery. It's cheap and see the city. It's a cool place and you might not go back.
  • I chose noa as everything is local, easy to get to/in/out from the airpot. Least amount of travel required. Logistically, it's great if you can take a plane there and just a few cabs. I walked to the surgery on the day and walked back to the hotel after surgery. I'm a stupid hardnut or stupid. DO NOT walk home with a heavy bag as it hurts. More later.
  • You're in and out treated like cattle with the least amount of time possible. This is reflected in the price so don't complain!.
  • You room share with others which I didn't know about - no privacy. Not great for conversations or if you are embarrassed or you change/speak to family/speak to docs.
  • there is a 2% transaction fee for card payment.
  • The surgery is nice/clean
  • Very very little time spent with Adam. He seems to know his stuff but most answers he gives are 'it depends'. I understand everything depends but I would have liked more Q&A time. He seems to do everything so time is very limited with him.
  • The Nurses are great
  • No need to go in to the surgery if your surgery is minor/uncomplicated.
  • No massaging technique/advise given
  • Those painkiller are a lifesaver! Get lots. You will know where they wear out..
  • Join the Facebook group to see examples of work.

Post surgery

  • I hope you listend and got your vest buddy..
  • The painkillers. These importantly get you past the first few days
  • Dot not walk back with a heavy bag - it will kill you and make the 15 min walk 1 hour. You will have a bag so my advice is just take a cab and pay out. You just had surgery. Don't be stupid like me.
  • When you wake up after surgery, you're like AHHHH what the hell happened. But happy. Congrats.
  • Take t-shirts and loose fitting clothes. I had the surgery bandages on for a while which were smelly and stained.
  • Everything depends on  your fitness, dusrgery, body, etc. I went site seeing but I took it very very easy. Was tired quickly. I am quite fit and surgery was minor.
  • Pain stages are first few days;hurts. Week later; not so bad. Month later;i forgot i had surgery
  • Do not do any gym work, jogging, heavy lifting after for long as possible.
  • I have a little dark scarring from surgery ( a year on). What you gonna do? It's a better situation than before.
  • There is little to do but if you listen to me, have a nice city centre hotel booked that you can cab it to from surgery release day so you can take a short walk and explore.

I'm glad I went for surgery.  
Nobody can compare places because nobody has had gyno surgery twice that I know of and everybody is different so you can never really compare. The guy i room shared with didn't have great results as he was quite fat and you will not be flat chested if that is what you are after. Think of surgery as smoothing out the bump. That's my take-home message. You'll still have hills, this is natural. Don't sweat it. It was cheap, that's why you choose somewhere in Europe. Poland is close to the UK and this is routine for Adam.

Best advice is if your above 15% BF, loose it before surgery. The lower BF you are, the better the outcome. You're making life easier for the doctor. If you're fat then surgery won't work miracles. Sorry but this is the truth. You'll also be able to see how sever the gyno you have from lowering your BF. I can't recommend this enough. Surgery is not a magic bullet. Loosing fat is. Once you have done this, then go for surgery. Sign up with my fitness pal or use your iWatch or fitness device and cut your calories (slowly) until you start loosing fat. If you think you can crash diet, then it won't work and you will just loose water and put all the weight back on.

Not posting pictures but anything I can answer, i'll do my best.

Thanks forum. I love you.

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Ah, I didn't share a room after surgery, although that may have been because I was the only guy in that day.
Also the mall food places are cheap but they're rubbish compared to some of the places you can eat in the city - TripAdvisor and the free wifi in the city squares was a lifesaver - and agreed about the body fat; I'd already got rid of the majority of mine pre-surgery but still dieted down even further for the big day and it may have contributed to a quick recovery, lack of pain/discomfort etc. I was back in the gym after 6 weeks with no problems, although I started light on pressing movements.


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