Author Topic: The more fats or breast gland removed, the higher risk of nipple indentation?  (Read 688 times)

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I had a consultation with my plastic surgeon at a hospital last week regarding gynecomastia.

She informed me the following:

1. If more fats or breast gland tissue are removed, a longer incision may be necessary. My chest will look flatter but there is a risk of nipple indentation and scarring.

2. If I don't wish to risk the above, she will not remove too much of the fats/gland tissue. The breasts may still look natural but they will not be as flat as what I would like.

I was told to choose either of the above.

I am confused by my surgeon's explanation. To achieve an esthetically pleasing outcome, shouldn't the surgeon be skilful enough to remove as much fats and tissue as possible while minimising on the scars and nipple indentation?

Wouldn't leaving behind some glandular tissue cause the look of the breasts to be less than perfect?

Why should the indentation of nipples/areolas happen if the surgeon can remove the right amount of fats and tissue evenly?

My surgeon is kinda young ~ mid 30s, although she claimed she had done gynecomastia surgeries before. :)  I can't verify her surgery expertise as she was not able to show me Before and After pictures of her past patients. (It's a public hospital and it seems like they don't keep such records.)

I hope the doctors here could kindly comment on my concerns above. 

Should I go to another more experienced doctor for a second opinion?


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A skilled gynecomastia surgeon can remove large amounts of fat and gland without producing a crater deformity.  Best advice:  seek another opinion from an expert in gyne surgery.

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Thanks, Dr Jacobs. I will certainly seek advice from a more experienced doctor on this.

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I would strongly urge you to seek out the opinion of those who are truly specialized in gynecomastia correction. Those who are will be able to show you an ample number of before and after photos, will have many reviews, and should also be able to let you speak to past patients. There should also be a great deal of information on the surgeon's site about gynecomastia, their techniques, etc. 

Best of luck!
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