Author Topic: 2 years post-op. Body dysmorphia? Or do i need a revision surgery?  (Read 312 times)

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Hi guys, how’s it going. So I struggled with gynecomastia for a large portion of my adolescent/young adult years from around 12 years old up until i was finally able to get my surgery done for it two years ago at 26 years old. I’m definitely happy with the results for the most part and it has changed my life especially when it comes to confidence. But like I’m sure is common with other gynecomastia patients, the body dysmorphia is very real. I look in the mirror and feel like i still see gynecomastia. 

So i went ahead and called my surgeon’s office to see if it was possible to get a second revision surgery and i was told that the breast tissue was completely removed so there was no need to do any further surgery. But at the same time, on other forums I’ve read through on the internet I’ve definitely seen guys talking about how they decided to go in for seconds, or even thirds with their surgery to be sure that they are 100% happy with it. 

So my questions are is it true that going under for a second time would be pointless? And I’ve attached pictures of my chest pre-op, and 3 months post-op and me currently. Am i in my own head about my chest? Or is there still something further that could/should be done?

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I certainly understand your point of view. Compared to the pre-op photos you have a significant improvement but you still have tissue present rather breast gland and/or fat.  Your doctor may have been conservative because you have a grade 3 gynecomastia with loose skin. However, I woulld not be happy with the overall outcome either but you would need a more agressive procedure to accomplish a flat look. Consult with a gynecomastia expert for further advice.
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