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Hello there,

Quick question on drainage.  My doc told me I have "a little bit of both" of hematoma/seroma.  He opened the wound yesterday and drained it a lot, so looking better.  He partially left the wound open and put the compression garment back on so I could go home for 2 days and possibly let more drain out if it's there.  He also said to come in today if I see a lot of blood.  Regardless, I have another follow-up tomorrow to check on it.  I honestly don't even see much more blood coming out, even with the open wound and the compression garment on.  Before, I would have bled through the garment when I originally had the extra fluid.  Just wondering if it's actually a good sign that I'm not seeing more blood coming out?  Hypothetically, if alot more blood isn't coming out, it's actually not refilling and i'm closer to healing properly, correct?

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This is a common complication after gynecomastia surgery.  If the blood or fluid has stopped coming out and the swelling is down then you should be okay. It soons like your doctor is taking care of the problem. Good luck
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