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It says hand wash only.  Don't think i've ever hand-washed a garment, so hows this done - anyone know? Should the water be warm, cold, hot?!?

Thanks ina dvance.

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It just means that you use mild detergent or soap in a bucket or in the sink with either cold/luke warm water and just wash it/ rub it with your hands to clean it. Then you just hang dry it on a clothes line or other rack either outside with the air, or inside to dry naturally. You can put a fan against it if you want. Don't use a heater though.
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what i do is fill a sink with cold water, then sprinkle in a little but of powered detergent and then mix it around and then pop in my compression vest and leave to soak for 5 mins, then just rub it with your hands and kinda mix it about. then empty the sink and fill with more cold water to rince off any soap still on the vest, then i would pop it on the line outside.
if raining i would put a towel under a doorway and hang it up on the door frame on a hanger (tho this method it will take all day to dry so do it in the morning if you want to wear it to bed).


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