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Title: my story so far
Post by: devo on December 29, 2004, 04:52:13 PM
hi ive had fatty tissue in my breasts since i was 11 i think. now im 15 and have very slow puberty(its hereditary)im 5'2" and 115 pounds, im a very husky person. around april i started going to the gym with my friend and his brother. i went almost everyday during the summer and i lost a little bit of weight. around june i started to get the hard tissue underneath my nipples. i seem to have alot of mucsle underneath the layer of fat in my chest. some of the tissue in my right breast has decreased and i have a hole in the center of the tissue. i am starting to eat right and jogging 1 mile everday. hopefully this will help get rid of it. ill wait another year before i consult some1 about this(hopefully it will be gone).
Title: Re: my story so far
Post by: Paa_Paw on January 07, 2005, 05:41:10 PM
Congratulations on adopting the more vigorous and healthy lifestyle. Whether it makes a difference in your breasts or not, your overall health and body image are sure to improve as a result.

The growth you described is very common. Estimates of how high depends on which liar you are listening to.

Simply put, it is so common that most doctors do not even note it unless it is the primary reason why the patient has visited the doctor.

Look around you, Most of us go through a period when we think we are the only people this has ever happened to.  The truth is that people do not pay much attention to men's breasts.  Those of us that do have breasts are so obsessed with our own that we fail to notice that it is really quite common.

For a while, look at men and boys.  How hany are wearing heavy enough clothes that they could be hiding something? How many actually have breast enlargement that is evident?

I suspect that you are a perfectly normal healthy young man.

I wish you well.
Title: Re: my story so far
Post by: Spleen on January 08, 2005, 11:42:56 AM
Good advice Paa.  Working out may or may not help your gynecomastia, but you will feel better physically and become more confident.  Keep it up.
Title: Re: my story so far
Post by: Paa_Paw on January 08, 2005, 12:37:13 PM
Please forgive my stupid omission.

You said something very important in that puberty is going slow.  

I would hope your hormone levels are being monitored and that you are seeing a doctor for regular checkups.
Title: Re: my story so far
Post by: jc71 on January 31, 2005, 04:16:26 PM
Devo, how is your "Super Diet" going?  Devo, you're 15 years old.  Have you talked to your parents about it.  At your age, like Paa said, get your hormone levels checked. Go see and endocrinologist.  Maybe he can help you NOW so you can avoid surgery later. If I was 15 it's what i'd do. It's worth thinking about.  :)
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