Author Topic: Is Muscle Milk okay to use post-op?  (Read 1792 times)

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4+ months post-op, results are looking great. I've been working out a little more often lately to build some muscle. I'm pretty thin and I don't have much fat on my body. I know steroids are linked to gynecomastia and I have no intention of taking steroids. Muscle Milk is just a powder you mix with water prior to and after working out to help build muscle. I can't see how it would effect gynecomastia or re-grow it.. but before I tried it out, I just wanted to be sure. Any experience or knowledge about this? Please share. Thanks.

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look into the ingredients some of those milk shakes have excess estrogen ingredients soy etc, they call them high protein drinks well a high protein is soy wich is a estrogen to my knowledge. not all of them just be wary


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