Author Topic: 24hrs sice post op...swelling edema?  (Read 1489 times)

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posted earlier and 1 user suggested the reason why one side was swollen was most likely due to edema. Your right!!! i just went to chk while getting ready for church and there it is a big black and blue area on my left chest!!
The user also said that the DR would have to drain it...when? do i go o him immediately? or wait the 14 days 1st visit? and will this go away?



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Mine was drained within 2 days. You might want to get it earlier than 2 weeks or infection can occur or nothing can happen and it can pass over naturally. It goes by chance. I wouldnt take any chances and take action

the first time not all came out, just a bit

on the next visit, the rest was done, I hope all is out, i am due for my next visit tommorow

My scheduled visits with my surgeon is once every 3 days.

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thanks guys. i seen my Dr today 48 hrs after surgery. although he said that the swelling was bigger than usuall hes not too worried. after he examined it felt it he suggested to put ice paks on it and wants to see me in 2 days and will take action then if need be...but for the mmost part he isnt worried which takes a load off of me..whew! but i told him that i will return tomorrow since hes not that far from where i work.
the left area is still black and blue but went from a dark red to a lighter violet red. will keep u guys posted


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