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wo1. I know we've revived an old thread here so I don't even know if you're still visiting these boards.  Our honorary grandpa, "Dan" has said it so many times. Gyne can't stop you from doing anything, it's your individual attitude towards gyne that prevents you from achieving what you want in life.

I know everyone's case is both physically and emotionally different, but personally I have never had problems getting women to want to be with me (not saying this to look cool, well maybe a little  ;)). I think we, as a generalization, put far more focus on our chests than do most women and far far far more focus than the women who actually agree to go out with us. I had a hard time keeping the women I had because eventually my own insecurity about my chest and subsequent lack of confidence would send me running.  Now i'm married to a gorgeous blond (always liked the blonds) and don't have that problem, but it was very bad and depressing for many years.
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kind of happens that way when it becomes trendy for them to move in en masse over the years, maybe a 10-block area at least.  the bumper stickers, bookstores, health advisories in laundromats, and rainbow flags get a little hard to miss.  but if it makes them feel safer, maybe it's to the good.  

Great. The fags have turned entire neighborhoods into huge bathhouses now.

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well, not exactly, they certainly never bothered me any (though a couple of kids with race issues did), and another way of looking at it is, if they prefer their own company, the less chance of bothering you.  
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* if it screws up your life the same, is there really any such thing as "mild" gyne?


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