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We are happy to announce a refreshed look to our forum. This is just the beginning of improvements we are trying to make to this community forum. Please share any thoughts or recommendations as we continue to improve.

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It was very difficult to read before, with that grey font, and now it's no better, and the orange titles are extremely hard to read!  I know web developers like to "soften" the font; but it cuts my reading speed down to a half or a quarter as fast as normal, or worse, depending on how much they might try to "soften" it, and reduces my comprehension too.  Is it possible to make the writing black (color code 000000) for most of the text?  Thanks.

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Repeating what's already been said multiple times in the suggestions/comments subforum (but posting here for a better chance of being seen) this color scheme is hideous and difficult to read.  At the very least, give us the option to choose alternate color schemes so most of us can read with out having to strain our eyes.


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