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(It's interesting that the latest post in this sub forum about surgery experiences is also from someone who used Dr. Jacobs.)

I have not been on this site in such a long time - and I was driving today and went over a bump in the road - and I thought to myself 'gee, remember how every time I went over a bump in the road before the surgery my breasts would bounce - I need to go on-line and tell others how I'm doing after 4 years..."

So here I am. Just over 4 years ago I had over 2 lbs of fat/tissue removed by Dr. Jacobs. I was 49 at the time. Unlike the previous post, and perhaps many of you on this site, I did not suffer with this my whole life. I developed 'breasts' slowly as I got older. Perhaps a combo of genetics and some slow weight gain. (Thru my 30s and 40s I gained about 20 lbs).

One of the reasons I decided to post again is that I wanted anyone 'out there' who might be older (as I am) to know it is not too late to have this surgery!
And also to know that it is worth the money, and recovery from the surgery.
The surgery itself is easy (well, I was asleep the whole time). The recovery does take a few months. At times it can be scary because it takes time for the body to heal and adjust.
You have to wear your compression garment, massage the lumps, and trust that it will get better and all be worth it. Yes, the first week is not fun. There is pain, bruising, and an overwhelming feeling of 'oh I made a huge mistake I never should have done this!"
It can be very emotional.
(Before I forget, I did have the two incision sites injected by my dermatologist with some cortisone to flatten the scars - and now they are very difficult to see. The scars don't always thicken, but they did on me - and it was a gradual thickening over time. Maybe the size of the eraser at the end of a pencil - probably smaller than that.)

About 6 months after my surgery, I decided that I was so happy with my surgery and how I looked (having no more breasts), that I was inspired to reverse the slow weight gain and went on a diet. It took me 6 months, but I lost 15 pounds. (Not including the 2 lbs the doctor took out).  I have kept off the weight since then - I am at the wright I was when I was around 30 years old (I'm 53 now).
I never would have been inspired to lose the weight if I did not have the surgery.
(And I was determined to lose the wright and not resort to liposuction - the one surgery was enough!)

If you can get yourself to NYC and use Dr. Jacobs - DO IT. If not, make sure the surgeon you use has a ton of experience with this type of procedure.
Know that it takes time to heal - and know that you may go thru an emotional and physical roller coaster for 6 weeks post surgery.

And for 4 years now...every time I go over a bump in the road, I smile.

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Glad to hear from you and to know that you are pleased with your results.  And thanks for the kind words -- that's what makes it all worthwhile for me!

What you have described is something that I have observed in many of my patients.  Oftentimes, having moobs makes guys reticent to go to the gym -- after all, it is embarrassing!  Removing the moobs with surgery is what I call an "excuse-ectomy,"  ie, there is no longer any excuse not to go to the gym.  And once you do go to the gym and "get with the program", the weight will come off and the muscles will pop -- and your entire body will change (and often the chest gets even better!).

I often tell my pre-op patients that the surgery is actually on two parts of the body -- the chest and the head.  For with the change in chest shape, there is also a concomitant change and improvement in one's ego, self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence. And these strengthened and positive emotions frequently improve many other facets of their lives.  That is the secondary effect of gyne surgery.

Thanks again for the comments -- and enjoy driving over the bumps!

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Thankyou for the update. I noticed that you did not actually post anything until after your surgery. I was wondering how long you were visiting the site before you actually logged in. Many people lurk outside as visitors for some time before they sign in and post anything.

I found that you actually signed in in September of "08 but that you did not post anything until December of that year, some time after the surgery. I still wonder how long you were following the site before you signed in.

Most of us are well aware that there are people wo visit regularly but co not sign in. I an curious about the time lag. If the number of people is large enough, we might suggest that the owners start an information column for unregistered visitors.
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Dr. Jacobs' reputation speaks for itself, but why not post pre and post op pics? Would really help those who normally have no idea how the procedure's results look that far out.


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